Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Unified UI?

It's finally sunk in that as of today the general consensus among the various mover's and shaker's in the desktop world is that we all want our phones, tablets and PC's to act and look the same. From Microsoft's Win8 catastrophe to Ubuntu, to the Gnome project everyone is heading their work into a more mobile-centric direction at the cost of lot's of complaints slow adoption or outright revolt.

I'm fully acknowledging that Mobile is the current market dynamic, and with good reason. Smart phones have become incredibly powerful devices that have invaded every facet of our digital and everyday lives. From price checking to our seemingly 24/7 need to be connected via Facebook or some other social media phones have become the go to device for a number of people.

I strongly question though why we "want" a unified UI on such disparately functioning devices. I for on will read my email's on a phone without bother. I might even respond on my phone IF I can keep it very brief(i.e. twitter length). Even the best tablet keyboards are a poor substitute for a proper keyboard.  God forbid I need to actually type a document of any length, or need to check references while I am writing. this is just one example of how our phones/tablets are NOT the one device to rule them all. Sure lots of companies are making heaps of money off of the sudden market for angry birds, fruit ninja and other facebooky time sinks. I can only hope that someone realizes pretty soon that lots of people still count on their desktop and laptop to do actual work, that really matters to them and decides to produce a modern UI that works for them.